Urban Camping: Roughing It To Avoid People And The Pandemic

With Canada Day just days away, it’s natural to start thinking about summer vacation. The national holiday seems to have a greater impact on the summer mindset than the actual first day of the season. The challenge this year is finding something to do, something open and able to accommodate the need for social bubbles and physical distancing due to the pandemic.

After three-plus months of self-quarantine and working from home, a staycation is anything but attractive to many people. Travel by air right now is less than ideal too. That leaves travel by land, although cross-border road-trips from province to province are fraught with uncertainty. By now you have seen news of attacks on Alberta-plated cars entering British Columbia. Notes on car windows are telling Albertans to go home and stay home. Scratches on car doors suggest taking the notes serious.

If travel to another country is uninviting and travellers to another province are unwelcome, the solution might be to just stay at home — in your home province. For many, that means looking for local options, like camping.

Yahoo Finance is reporting a surge in camping reservations and RV sales as COVID-19 lockdowns lift. Bloomberg News reports RV shopping is up 30 percent at some dealerships over the same time