It's Time To Stop Wearing Masks

The mask that you wear, that you might have on right now, is meant for your personal protection, to add some distance between you and others, and to afford you peace of mind. But it could be doing you more harm than good – it could be giving you a false sense of security – and it might not be helping those around you.

It’s time to stop wearing masks.

For thousands of years people have been wearing masks. It’s not a cultural thing, everyone does it, and it has nothing to do with a pandemic. We’re talking about wearing masks metaphorically. Today people hide behind masks of all kinds, from a false smile to going out with earbuds in and the sound up, to dark sunglasses on indoors, in the dark.

Then there are the emotional masks that people hide behind out of fear. For example, if they are insecure, they might hide behind the mask of name-dropping. If they are unsure of their power, they can hide behind the mask of being a bully. If they don’t think the world loves them, they can hide behind a mask of anger. People mask the debt they have incurred to pay for lifestyles they cannot afford; they pretend things are fine at work when their jobs are on the line; they pretend things are okay in their marriage when there is distance.