A Teen’s Summer Spent Cleaning the Neighbourhood

When the COVID-19 lockdown first began, we were forced to change our routines drastically overnight. Our favourite activities were cancelled and many of us we were faced with a lot of extra free time we hadn’t had before. Some used this time to get creative or explore old hobbies, while others spent their time more altruistically, like Joseph Beer a teen from Cambridgeshire, England.

On a daily walk with his mother, Joseph noticed dozens of neglected street signs in his neighbourhood. Most were covered in moss or dirt and were illegible. Others were hidden by overgrown bushes and couldn’t be seen by drivers on the road.

Joseph decided to spend his free time cleaning up the street signs. With the help of his dad who built him a trailer for his bike and supplies, Joseph peddled around the neighbourhood and spent almost every single day of lockdown cleaning.

“We are absolutely blown away with everything he’s done. His dad and I are so proud,” said Joseph’s mother in an article by the Good News Network. “He comes back absolutely filthy, and still carrying the bucket of water, which by the end of the day has turned black from a