A Student’s Heartfelt Reunion With His Teacher Two Decades Later

Everyone remembers a great teacher; one that made you feel special, happy and cared for. Or someone who inspired you or took notice of your skills. Beyond assisting with academic achievements, a great teacher is someone who is compassionate, empathetic and positive. Many teachers don’t realize the tremendous and long-lasting impact they will leave with a student.

This summer, Torontonian Nashat Cassim, reunited with a teacher he remembers very fondly after almost two decades, all thanks to a social media marketplace ad.

Cassim’s mother asked him to post an ad for a flower planter she wanted to sell. He received a response from a woman named Karen Ayotte, whose last name he instantly recognized. After clicking on her profile, he realized it was his kindergarten teacher who he hadn’t seen since he was a child.

Cassim was just five-years-old when he arrived in Toronto from Sri Lanka with his parents and sister. The family settled in Regent Park and he remembers it was a strange and scary time, as told to CBC reporters.