Be Like A Tree

Seventy miles from Vancouver Island, an arboreal wonder can be found on the quiet waters of Fairy Lake. Sticking up out of the middle of the lake’s stillness is a tiny Douglas fir tree. The tree stands proudly on its own upon a submerged dead log.

The tree’s unlikely survival story has captured the attention of tourists, hikers, boaters and photographers alike. Against all odds, how did a lonesome tree grow with a dead log as its only source of nutrients?

Like humans, trees have the ability to adapt to their environment and survive through adversity. In fact, trees can teach us many stories of wisdom and awareness that apply to our everyday lives. As silent teachers with a history long outdating ours, they have much to share about resilience and survival.

Sometimes change is a good thing –

Deciduous trees lose their leaves when they decide the environment calls for a different approach to life and their way of being. They rely on a combination of genetic and environmental factors to help them know when the time for change is right.

When we live with the knowledge that change is inevitable and vital to our development, it helps us to continue to grow.

Grow strong roots –

A tree that develops a deep, strong root structure can withstand heavy winds without toppling to the ground. The roots of a tree continue to grow throughout the tree's lifespan, always expanding outward and downward in search of what the tree requires to survive

White oak, hickory, black gum, sassafras, sweet gum, Japanese pagoda, butternut and some pines develop deep roots. During their first years of life, the trees display remarkably little top growth because all of their energy is focused on creating a deep and diverse root system

Our value system is our roots. Grow and maintain strong roots for yourself by knowing who you are, where you come from and where you want to go. Having strong roots also means staying grounded, clear and focused.

Being open to light, leads to the most growth –

Trees try to maximize the surface ar