Did I Give Enough This Year?

On the second last day of the worst year in a hundred, we received a call from Dorothy*, a donor. She wanted to know if she gave enough this year?

We know what she was asking – what she meant – and we know from chatting with her throughout the year that, like many in 2020, she has made sacrifices to help those around her, including our clients. That’s where we went with the call; to us it was about Dorothy not Dorothy’s donations.

Dorothy has been living alone in a COVID-infested apartment building. Dozens of tenants have tested positive, four have died, and hundreds have been living in fear since February. Doors haven’t been opened in weeks. People haven’t been out in months.

Dorothy is not alone in her life in isolation. There are many more just like her. She gave up her freedom. She gave up visits. She gave up walks. And cards and coffee and crafts with friends. And here she is wondering if she gave enough? If we’re doing okay?

It was during that call that we asked ourselves, did we give enough this year? Did we give enough thanks to our su