How Mental Health Grows With Every Hair Cut

For anyone struggling financially, finding food and shelter is the priority; personal grooming is much lower on the list. For those without the funds, going without a haircut is just another form of isolation. But there’s more to haircuts than socialization. Haircuts have a direct impact on mental health.

As lockdown restrictions are slowly lifted, seats in barber shops and hair salons are among the most coveted places to be right now.

While some people have had fun sporting low maintenance and unkempt hairdos for the past year, most are excited to get their personal grooming back in check. That said, getting a haircut is seldom just about the haircut – it is a social experience, something else that has absent for far too long.

Sitting in the barber’s chair and listening in on countless stories, a haircut becomes about the laughter, the sports debates, and the experience. There is a sense of camaraderie that rivals most social experiences.