The Dangers of Being Homeless in The Summer

Summer heat can be hard to cope with under the best circumstances, but what would it be like to live without basics that many people benefit from, such as air conditioning and shelter, access to drinking water, daily showers, or even a change of clothes?

As temperatures continue to rise, we look at some of the significant dangers that the homeless community faces in the summer.

Heat Stroke

For those who are homeless, it is incredibly difficult to cool off on a hot day. Turning on the AC during a heatwave isn’t an option. With pandemic restrictions, restaurants or stores that someone could once turn to in order to get out of the sun, are closed or limiting inside access. People living on the street are at increased risk for hyperthermia and heat stroke, which in some cases, can be deadly.


Staying hydrated during the heat is important. Dehydration can worsen pre-existing health conditions or lead to heat stroke. Having ready access to fresh water is a basic necessity that many people who are homeless don’t have; finding a working water fountain in the city is very rare.