How To Calculate The Impact Of Your Donation

Ontario's non-profit sector may be the largest in Canada, contributing $50 million to the provincial economy, but it's not immune to the impact of the pandemic. Quite the opposite, actually. It is reported that one in five Canadian charities is expected to close following COVID-19, despite the growing need for non-profits.

Some local charities are reporting record growth in the number of clients served compared to pre-pandemic numbers. Haven Toronto, a downtown drop-in centre, has seen meal service increase 180 percent. The most important meal of the day, breakfast was up 254 percent in August compared to February of this year.

Haven Toronto, which opened in 1933, says in its 87 years, “The need has never been greater; the need for our support and the need for donor support.” In addition to serving thousands more meals, Haven Toronto is incurring thousands of dollars in monthly, unbudgeted costs for the safe preparation and delivery of their meals program.

The drop-in centre, which can seat hundreds every day in the dining room, is presently providing take-away service. And while the centre has historically benefitted from food donated through food recovery programs, with fewer restaurants open, there are fewer donations. Today, Haven Toronto is purchasing more food and supplies than ever before.

Donations, no matter the size, are important to the future of organizations like Haven Toronto. Still, donors question their impact. One such donor, Ted H., recently said, “I donate $7 a month. I’m not sure how much it helps. It’s not very much but it’s all I can afford.”

While it is not uncommon to question how much impact you can have, Haven Toronto has a new tool - an Impact Calculator - that puts it all in perspective. When you enter the amount of your donation, the online calculator, available at, lets you see the possible impact. For Ted, that seven dollars means breakfast every day for a week for an elder homeless man. It means peace-of-mind and food security.

The only thing the online calculator cannot measure is the growing hope your donation instills in clients of Haven Toronto from the knowledge that you are thinking of them and care enough to give.

Haven Toronto is the only drop-in centre in Canada dedicated to serving elder men age 50-plus who have been impacted by poverty, homelessness and isolation. The centre provides meals every day, all year, including all major holidays, access to crisis and housing counsellors, and more.