The Power Of One Power Forward

Today, the NBA showcases some of the most talented and most popular players in the league during their annual All-Star Game. This year’s game, taking place in Atlanta, will proceed without a Raptor, one of only two teams overlooked in 2021.

So who should you cheer for now, assuming you even care to cheer? Some would suggest Sixers centre, Joel Embiid. His Power Of 1 story might explain why.

Joel Embiid is donating his earnings from his appearance in the All-Star Game – $100,000 – to combat homelessness in Philadelphia. Reuters shared news yesterday of Embiid’s philanthropy. The four-time All-Star said that his contributions will support several of the city’s homeless shelters.

“So many have fallen on such hard times during the pandemic,” Embiid said in a news release issued by the team. “I felt it was important to provide more support for individuals and families struggling with homelessness and food insecurity.”

Embiid’s donation will include funding 15,000 meals for homeless individuals and care and treatment of 100,000 homeless individuals receiving COVID-19 vaccines.

Says Embiid, “I’m continually grateful for all of the support that Philadelphia and the fans have given me not just around All-Star but all my years in the league. I will continue to help in any way I can.”

Embiid, who turns 27 on March 16, will start for Team Durant in Sunday’s All-Star Game in Atlanta.

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