Senior Holiday Card Initiative Receives Global Response

Two weeks ago, nurse Sylvie Chevrie took to social media to invite strangers to send holiday cards to the seniors at the residence home she works at in Gatineau Quebec.

In a matter of days, her post was shared on social media over 51,000 times. In just two weeks,

Château Symmes Retirement Residence received over 10,000 cards and gifts for its residents.

"It's incredible," said Chevrier in a CBC article. Chevrier explained that the cards had come from people not only in the province, but all over Canada and in parts of the world like France, Belgium and Morocco.

Chevrier said she believes so many people were drawn to the idea because it represented a way to help a portion of the population that had been most affected by the pandemic.

"We see them in the news about homes having outbreaks, but there's nothing we can do as a regular person because we can't go in the homes," she told CBC's Breakaway.