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Summer Forecast: Extreme Uncertainty

Summer is here, school has ended, and vacations are beginning. For many people, this is their favourite season, a time they plan for and look forward too.

What should you plan for in the months ahead? How about extreme uncertainty?

In the last few weeks, we have experienced extreme heat with temperatures in the high twenties and feeling like the low thirties, back-to-back-to-back days of rain on and off and on again, and alarming alerts about air quality as a result of Canada’s wildfires. On more than one day of late, it was reported that the air quality in Toronto was the worst in the world.

We hope that you have the option to stay indoors protected from the elements.

We hope for the same for our clients. We know that there are thousands of people who are homeless who have to face these uncontrollable risks head-on. Extreme heat, unpredictable rain, and toxic air mean the ten thousand people who are homeless on any given day in Toronto cannot stay cool, stay dry, and stay clear of health risks imposed by these extreme conditions. Certainly not every hour of every day.

At Haven Toronto, we provide clients with a vital reprieve, while we reduce barriers to health care, housing, and food security. This has led to record supports and our greatest impact in 90 years.

98% of clients surveyed utilize our Healthy Meals program.

Client visits per month with our onsite nurse are up 200% over the same time in 2022.

We have provided housing help 1,372 times since 2021.

Our ability to meet the growing need has only been possible with your help. We are grateful for your contribution to our success. We hope you will continue to support us, especially now with conditions so uncertain and the need so great. DONATE




Our Weather-Ready Care Kits

include items vital to surviving the extreme weather of every season.

From cold & damp to hot & humid.


Your monthly donation

means year-long support

for elder homeless men.


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