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Ten Top Hikes In Ontario

It’s time to recharge, and any one of these ten top hikes in Ontario will do just that. Rated by AllTrails as Easy to Moderate, you can walk, hike, run or bike these trails during Walktober and experience millions of years of history, natural beauty, and romantic legends.

If you wanted to turn them into a road-trip, it would take 35 hours to get from trail to trail plus two hours by ferry. And the hiking time. Still, it would be an impressive and memorable time.

10. Leslie Street Spit Trail, Toronto

87% of Canadians have a park or green space close to their home. One popular space on the edge of downtown Toronto is Tommy Thompson Park, home to the Leslie Street Spit Trail. AllTrails says the 12.4km trail is ideal for biking and walking and offers incredible views of the city skyline.

9. Bridal Veil Falls, Manitouliin Island

There’s more than one place in Ontario to go behind the falls. Sorry Niagara.