The End Is Near, The Countdown On

We received some very important news this week, news that a coronavirus vaccine will be available in Canada in mere months. The information was a source of hope and joy at a time when we are seeing a record number of positive COVID-19 cases. Finally, a little good news.

Then we received word that we are going into lockdown. Four weeks of restrictions leading into the holidays. Some parts of southern Ontario are now on red alert. Toronto and Peel are on black alert – also known as lockdown – set to begin tomorrow.

Since the mid-Friday announcement, there has been a return to April-length lineups at grocery stores and a surge in shoppers at retail, some loading up on holiday gifts while they can and others stocking up on supplies for hunkering down. Neither group seems happy.

There is a noticeable increase in the number of people frenetically out and about. And a noticeable increase in the number of people wearing masks. A few weeks ago, strangely, you actually stood out if you wore a mask –the majority of people on busy city sidewalks were without. Maybe that's partly why we are where we are today?

One thing is for sure about the impending lockdown, we are not going to just let the time go to waste. Not this time.

During the first wave, the first lockdown had a hint of ‘staycation’ to it. It was acceptable to be lazy, unkept and overfed. This time around, with the ‘busy’ holiday season on the horizon, there are things to do, chores-galore, as we prepare for the ‘most wonderful’ time of the year, or for quietly quarantining.

To help with hope and motivation, we have created a Quarantine Calendar. It's like an advent calendar but instead of being 24 days long, it’s, well, 28 long days.

Our Quarantine Calendar offers 28 things you can do to get the most out of 28 days in lockdown. It includes suggestions from our free eBook ‘The Power Of One’ and ideas from staff, clients and friends of Haven Toronto.


Day 1 begins at 12:01 on Monday, November 23rd. Every day is a new opportunity to create a new you – or a more organized old you. Keep your eyes on the prize – there is an end in sight, to the lockdown, the year 2020 and the pandemic. In the meantime, wear a mask.