What's Missing Is You

Now that you know to look for them, you will start to see them; ‘Missing’ posters are popping up throughout the neighbourhood. In this community, this would not be considered uncommon let alone newsworthy. What is different this time is that the posters serve as a reminder that people in your neighbourhood are going without food.

One in seven Canadians are food insecure meaning they have missed a meal or gone a day or days without eating due to a lack of money.

When you think of food insecurity on a national scale, the magnitude of the problem doesn’t always resonate. For perspective, potentially one in seven of the people that you come into contact with today are not eating regularly or healthy because they don’t have enough money.

Look around and ask yourself, “Who among us is not eating?” Then ask how you can help; www.MissingMeals.org offers a solution.