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Who Would You Like To Share Lunch With?

If you could share lunch with anyone, who would you choose? Maybe you'd like to share lunch with Aristotle Attila Moses Mohammed? Arnold Chuck Jean Claude? Charles William Harry? Or any Tom Dick or Harry?

There are thousands worthy of consideration. If we could make it happen, would you buy?

Every name here (including the ones below) is a client of Haven Toronto, the only drop-in centre in Canada dedicated to serving elder homeless men – thousands of men – each one with a unique story.

Who would you choose to share lunch with? For $1 in our online store, you can share lunch with someone who is homeless and hungry, isolated and lonely, or both.

Click to say, "Lunch is on Me!" You'll receive a tax receipt. They'll receive a hot, healthy meal, or two if you are so kind. And your name will be remembered as that of a caring and compassionate person.




Our Weather-Ready Care Kits

include items vital to surviving the extreme weather of every season.

From cold & damp to hot & humid.


Your monthly donation

means year-long support

for elder homeless men.


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